The DyMatch brand has become ACCRA’s most successful line in ACCRA's history, so we did not take the process of updating this shaft model lightly. The goal was to improve on a technology that is proprietary and Tour proven. The result is DyMatch 2.0!

Using our exclusive technology that was born from observations on the PGA Tour, we have simplified the line and offered the best fitters in the world more ammunition.  DyMatch technology has not changed! We have designed the DyMatch 2.0 line with the same reverse engineering technology using dynamic measurements of club head twist (torque) and shaft deflection to develop three distinct lines of shafts.  The fairway woods and hybrids are design to react identically to the matching driver shafts, with respect to performance and most importantly feel.

Fitting capabilities had never been so precise, once you determined what flex a golfer requires, now a golfer can zero in specific weight requirements with multiple choices of driver shaft options.

Once a driver shaft have been determined, the exclusive DyMatch process enables the golfer to get a “dymatched” fairway wood and hybrid for a set perfectly matched for feel and playability......

Fitting has never been so accurate!



DyMatch 2.0 RT Series:
Designed to promote a higher initial launch condition with controlled spin rates.  Excellent for those wanting to increase launch angle and utilize a super light-weight shaft. 

DyMatch 2.0 MT Series:
Designed to promote a mid initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring some tip stability, yet still looking for the powerful kick though impact. 

DyMatch 2.0 ST Series:
Designed to promote a lower initial launch condition with controlled spin rates.  Excellent for those requiring tip stability yet still looking for powerful kick through impact. 


** Limited edition white driver shaft **


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