DyMatch 2.0 MT Specs

ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 MT (Mid Tip) Series


The DyMatch 2.0 MT series offers golfers three different weight options for driver shafts (50 gram, 60 gram and 70 gram), along with a "dymatched" 75 gram fairway wood option and an 85 gram "dymatched" hybrid.

The DyMatch 2.0 MT tip technology promotes a mid initial launch condition with controlled spin rates. Excellent for those requiring some tip stability, yet still looking for the powerful kick though impact. The moderately low torque controls spin rates and adds to stability without effecting the traditional ACCRA feel.


 MT 50  Driver M3Mid534627.0044.0090.0024030.6004.000.335
 MT 50  Driver M4Mid554630.0052.0092.0025530.6004.000.335
 MT 50  Driver M5Mid574634.0059.0097.0027030.6004.000.335
 MT 60  Driver M3Mid624628.0044.0083.0024030.6003.500.335
 MT 60  Driver M4Mid644632.0052.0084.0025530.6003.500.335
 MT 60  Driver M5Mid664634.0059.0092.0027030.6003.500.335
 MT 70  Driver M3Mid714628.0047.0083.0024030.6003.500.335
 MT 70  Driver M4Mid724632.0055.0084.0025530.6003.500.335
 MT 70  Driver M5Mid734634.0062.0092.0027030.6003.500.335
 MT-F  Fairway M3Mid754425.0044.0081.0025430.6003.500.335
 MT-F  Fairway M4Mid764430.0052.0083.0027030.6003.500.335
 MT-F  Fairway M5Mid774432.0057.0095.0028230.6003.500.335
 MT-H  Hybrid M3Mid864229.0044.0085.0027540.6003.000.370
 MT-H  Hybrid M4Mid874233.0051.0087.0029040.6003.000.370
 MT-H  Hybrid M5Mid874235.0054.0095.0030240.6003.000.370

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