DyMatch 2.0 RT Specs

ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 RT (Responsive Tip) Series

The ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 RT Series is engineered to provide golfers with a higher initial launch condition with controlled spin ratios. Professional club fitters looking to increase a golfer's launch angle, combined with super light weight shafts, will look to the ACCRA DyMatch 2.0 to offer stability and great feel.

The new design of the DyMatch 2.0 enables fitters to dial in launch conditions and shaft weight once a specific flex has been determined. The DyMatch 2.0 design is unique because whether a shaft is 50 grams or 80 grams, the frequency is the same barring the flex indicates they are the same. There is no longer a need to go up a flex if a super light weight shaft is best for you.

The DyMatch 2.0 series offers the same profile from shaft to shaft. The only significant different is in the tip section, which enables professional club fitters to offer changes in ball flight without changing feel or stability.

If you require a higher initial ball flight, you can now choose between three different weights in your driver shaft (RT40, RT50, & RT60). Once you have found the best fit for you, please consider the "dymatched" fairway wood shaft and hybrid shafts that are dynamically designed to match your driver shaft in both feel and performance.


 RT 40  Driver M1High464620.0037.0059.0021530.6105.000.335
 RT 40  Driver M2High474623.0042.0067.0023030.6105.000.335
 RT 40  Driver M3High484626.0048.0077.0024030.6105.000.335
 RT 40  Driver M4High494628.0054.0083.0025530.6105.000.335
 RT 50  Driver M1High494620.0035.0079.0021530.6085.000.335
 RT 50  Driver M2High504623.0042.0082.0023030.6085.000.335
 RT 50  Driver M3High524626.0047.0090.0024030.6085.000.335
 RT 50  Driver M4High544629.0054.0097.0025530.6085.000.335
 RT 60  Driver M1High604620.0035.0063.0021530.6084.500.335
 RT 60  Driver M2High614623.0042.0072.0023030.6084.500.335
 RT 60  Driver M3High624626.0049.0084.0024030.6084.500.335
 RT 60  Driver M4High634629.0054.0085.0025530.6084.500.335
 RT-F  Fairway M1High604419.0036.0059.0023030.6084.500.335
 RT-F  Fairway M2High644422.0041.0066.0024530.6084.500.335
 RT-F  Fairway M3High664424.0045.0071.0025630.6084.000.335
 RT-F  Fairway M4High664427.0051.0080.0027030.6084.000.335
 RT-H  Hybrid M1High704224.0035.0071.0024540.6004.000.370
 RT-H  Hybrid M2High734227.0040.0072.0026040.6004.000.370
 RT-H  Hybrid M3High754229.0044.0083.0027540.6004.000.370
 RT-H  Hybrid M4High754233.0049.0084.0029040.6004.000.370

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