ACCRA Tour Z LS Specs


ACCRA Tour Z LS (Low Spin)



Currently available in LS 45,65, 75, and 85, the ACCRA Tour Z LS line is the perfect compliment to the rest of the Tour Z line as a fairway wood shaft.  As a driver shaft, any golfer looking to increase their launch without the increasing their spin, the Tour Z LS is the perfect shaft. 

This shaft is a throw back to the popular ACCRA SE series of shafts that was extremely popular amongst tour players for many years. Now, this shaft is incorporating a constant taper design for increased stability and the smoothest possible transfer of energy.  ACCRA Tour Z LS's responsive tip section promotes an increase in swing speed and draw bias. The low torque significantly adds stability and controls spin, enabling golfers to make aggressive swings without fear of increased spin or ballooning.  The ACCRA Tour Z LS may be the perfect combination of stability and power, and is excellent for complimenting the ST or CB line as the fairway wood option.  Thus, DyMatching your Tour Z’s.

360 degree graphic of the new cosmetics for Tour Z LS

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ModelTypeFlexS3 FlexMassPt.LaunchEiEiEiTorqueODODLengthParallel
 TZ LS 45  Driver M315.1452411.307744225.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 45  Driver M416.4482411.307947245.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 55  Driver M315.35622.511.507050183.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 55  Driver M416.35622.511.507550203.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 55  Driver M517.75722.511.508250223.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 65  Driver/FWY M315.4662311.707548183.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 65  Driver/FWY M416.9672311.508048203.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 65  Driver/FWY M517.7662311.409048223.500.6000.335463
 TZ LS 75  Driver/FWY M315.5762311.507845183.100.6000.335463
 TZ LS 75  Driver/FWY M416.5772311.308548203.100.6000.335463
 TZ LS 75  Driver/FWY M517.6782311.209050223.100.6000.335463
 TZ LS 85  Driver/FWY M416.98523.511.508248202.400.6000.335463
 TZ LS 85  Driver/FWY M518.28423.511.509051222.400.6000.335463

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